Study: Music Makes Running Easier

Melody plays a role as well.

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Melody plays a role as well.

MSN New Zealand has a recent article that might be music to your ears. Apparently, a German researcher at Dortmund’s Technical University, Yves Cloos, has released a study about the advantages of running with music. 

Cloos surveyed more than 500 people. He also conducted experiments on runners and cyclists. His findings: That those who had been active while listening to music felt like they were exercising for a shorter amount of time than was the case without music.

Cloos says that music has the following three effects on runners: First, music boosts endurance, although only in the mid-range of strenuous activity and not during all-out exertion. Second, listening to music causes runners to underestimate their level of exertion. And third, runners feel better thanks to music.

According to Cloos, runners can’t overexert themselves because of music.

He also says the type of melody is a factor. “The better I know the song the more attractive it is,” he says. “A song in a cheerful major key does not necessarily motivate better than one in a moody minor.”

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