Want to live longer? Work out for at least 15 minutes every day. Photo: Getty Images

The previous standard for working out had been 30 minutes.

A new study out of Taiwan suggests that all it takes is 15 minutes of daily moderate exercise to increase your lifespan.

“This may convince many individuals that they are able to incorporate physical activity into their busy lives,” wrote Dr. Anil Nigam of the University of Montreal. Dr. Nigam didn’t play a role in the study, but did write an editorial that accompanied the results, which were published online on Monday in The Lancet.

The previous standard for exercise, as put forth by the World Health Organization, was 30 minutes. The Taiwanese study sought to determine if exercising less than the standard 30 minutes was helpful in any way.

In the study, over 400,000 Taiwanese adults were surveyed as to how much exercise they did the previous month. Depending on their responses, these respondents were put into five groups of varying activity levels. The researchers then kept track of these individuals for eight years and calculated their projected life expectancy.

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