His roommate had to wake him up.

The expression “better late than never” definitely applies to Vanderbilt Student Landon Sandford.

The South Carolina native slept through four alarms at last weekend’s Country Music Marathon. As a result, he was 90 minutes late to the race that began at 7 a.m., becoming the last starter out of 30,000 people.

As the street cleaners began to pick up, Sanford wore a dour expression on his face.

“I was very sad and upset at myself,” he later recalled. “I’ve been training all year and I really wanted to run this.”

Sanford awoke thanks to his roommate who shook him.

“I was like is the race now? What happened?” Sanford recalled.

Sanford ended up with a chip time of 3:40:04, finishing 334th overall, 34th in his division out of 137 runners.

His gun time was 4:46:07, and he ran at a 8:24 pace.

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