Not wearing a chip, Dozer crosses the finish line at the Maryland Half Marathon. Photo: The Baltimore Sun

He jumped into the race at the 5-mile mark.

Dozer, a three-year-old Goldendoodle, escaped from its master’s invisible fence and joined the throng of half marathoners competing in last weekend’s Maryland Half Marathon.

Karen E. Warmkessel,a spokeswoman for the University of Maryland Medical Center, said that Dozer was lured by the thousands of runners who passed by its home, which is located near the 5-mile mark. The race proceeds benefit the Greenebaum Cancer center.

Runners reported seeing the dog along the course. He finished the race in 2:14.

The dog’s owner was unaware of Dozer’s escape and began frantically searching for him. Dozer returned home on Monday dirty and with a slight limp. He was taken to a vet and now has a clean bill of health.

Dozer now has his own Web site. People can make donations in his name. Besides banditing races, he’s also a writer. “Wow…I just finished my very first Half Marathon!” he writes. “I was sitting in front of my house on Sunday morning when a bunch of runners came running by. They looked like they were having such fun so i decided to join them. I forgot to tell my Mom that I was leaving and she was really upset!”

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