Simple Jogging Test May Predict Heart Condition

How fast you can run four laps on a track may be an important statistic.

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How fast you can run four laps on a track may be an important statistic.

Are you able to run a mile? You can? Great!

How fast can you run it in?

If you’re middle aged, this time may be telling. In fact, it could predict your chances of having a heart attack or stroke over in the next decade. In two separate studies that were released last week, researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern have found that this key time correlates to heart disease risk decades later in men. For women, it can be an early indicator of cardiovascular disease.

“Heart disease tends to cluster at older ages, but if you want to prevent it, our research suggests that the prescription for prevention needs to occur earlier – when a person is in his 40s and 50s,” said Dr. Jarett Berry, the author of both studies.

Another study, this time from Tel Aviv University has shown that staying fit increases the number of muscle stem cells, which assist the body’s ability to rejuvenate old muscles.

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