Should You Facebook or Tweet Your Workouts?

Should you post your run workouts to your social network?

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Photo courtesy of gregor_y on Flickr.

Everybody has a friend–or maybe you are the friend–who posts her workouts to Facebook or Tweets about them. All of them. How long, hard and fast they were. What her heart rate was. What she ate. How she got a butt cramp 32 minutes in, but kept going for the full hour. While it’s generally accepted practice for pros—we all want to see how we stack up against them—the jury’s out on whether amateur athletes or gym rats should be sharing training data on sites not specifically meant for athletes or training stats (like RunKeeper).

The argument for posting:

Jessica Ashley, a blogger for Yahoo’s women’s website, Shine, says posting her workouts keeps her accountable and connects her to other women who make fitness a part of their daily lives. Reading others’ posts, she writes in a post on Shine, inspires her to stick with her routine and give her new workout ideas.

The argument against posting:

It’s annoying, bragging, and pointless to highlight every workout accomplished.

Where do you stand on posting your running workouts?