Sammy Wanjiru’s Mother Claims Her Son Was Murdered

She says there were blood spots in his bedroom.

Standing before the balcony of his house where he allegedly fell, Sammy Wanjiru's death remains shrouded in mystery. Photo:

She says there were blood spots in his bedroom.

The tragic death of one of Kenya’s greatest marathoners has gotten even more mysterious. According to a report on The Standard’s Web site, Sammy Wanjiru’s mother, Mrs. Ann Wanjiru, claims that her son was killed in his bedroom and that his body was dumped on the ground to conceal the evidence.

She also alleges that the Olympic gold medalist’s troubles stemmed from family problems and that people wanted to share in her son’s property. Mrs. Wanjiru denies that her son was found with another woman in the home.

Mrs. Wanjiru’s claims contradict reports that the 2008 Olympic gold medalist died as a result of leaping from a second-floor balcony after a squabble with his wife.

“I wonder why the police and the wife are giving false statements concerning my son’s death. I believe my son did not commit suicide nor did he fall accidentally but he was killed,” she said.

Mrs. Wanjiru called a press conference at her son’s home and said there were some blood spots in his bedroom, suggesting foul play.

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