The double-Olympic medalist’s coach dismisses the doubters.

When someone in the running world turns in an extraordinary performance, the rumors about doping are sure to surface. For Britain’s Mo Farah, a Somali-born double Olympic gold medalist coached by Alberto Salazar, this situation is front-and-center now.

But Salazar will have none of these allegations.

The Nike Oregon Project coach, who has been working with Farah for the past couple of years, insists that his athlete can become the greatest long-distance athlete in the history of the sport without using performance-enhancing drugs.

“It bothers me when people question my integrity,” Salazar said in a recent article posted by The Telegraph. “But the way I look at it, if you don’t want people to say things about you, go run real crappy and then nobody will talk about you. At this level, we know we’re clean. We know we’re never going to test positive for anything. No way in the world. I have a clear conscience.”

Farah contends that his athlete’s success is the result of pure talent, incredibly severe training, and the advanced support program at Nike.