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You’ve Got To See These Running-Themed Gender Reveals

Gender reveals are all the rage and runners are taking it up a notch with creativity when it comes to sharing their joy with loved ones.

Courtesy of Sasha Wolff

Gender reveals are a growing trend, with expectant parents learning the gender of their child as excited friends and family look on with bated breaths. Though the usual reveals involve a box of balloons, cake filled with food coloring and cans of silly string, runners are starting to get even more creative with their big day.

Sasha Wolff and her husband, for example, decided to cross their first finish line into parenthood with their gender reveal, complete with confetti cannons set off by their cheer squad.

“It was actually my husband’s idea! He knew he wanted to do something cool, but nothing really spoke to him (or to us as a couple),” Wolff shared with us. “With us both being huge runners, it seemed only natural to do a running reveal! We really liked the idea of doing a finish line, since we could then include all of our parents in the reveal this way. The six people with the confetti cannons are Greg’s parents and stepparents and my own parents. They’ve been such huge role models for us in our lives, that this seemed like a great idea to include them in the fun.”

gender reveal 2

The hardest part of the reveal was actually finding out the gender and it came down to the wire! Five days before the reveal, their baby cooperated and revealed…it’s a girl!

“In terms of execution, I think the most difficult part was that baby didn’t want to cooperate! We went in for an ultrasound 3 weeks before the planned party, but baby wasn’t feeling it,” Wolff explained. “Luckily, our OB was willing to do another ultrasound 5 days before our party to see if we could get baby to share their gender. Thankfully, SHE did! My lovely sister-in-laws, Amy and Christy, took the reigns from there.”

The Wolff’s aren’t the only couple to do a running-themed reveal; one marathoning couple chose to do their reveal at the finish line of the Via Marathon in Easton, Penn. Thanks to the help of race officials and spectators, Brian and Alysha Flynn were greeted at the finish line with bunches of blue balloons to reveal they were having a boy.


According to Runner’s World, “They signed up for the race in April. In May, Flynn learned she is expecting, and she figured she’d share the baby’s gender with her team when it was over,” the website reported. “But a friend encouraged her to tell race officials about her plans—and let other runners and spectators know about the good news.”

Both Wolff and Flynn are no strangers to running while pregnant, and though this is Wolff’s first child, she has set the goal to run a race through every month of pregnancy.

“So far during pregnancy, I’ve done a half marathon, 10-miler, 25K and a handful of 5Ks,” Wolff shared. “Coming up this weekend is another 10-mile race. October will have a 10K, November will have an 8K Turkey Trot and December will be a 5K Ugly Sweater Run. Then, I’m due Jan. 7. Even with being pregnant, I’ve managed to nab a few PRs along the way, which has been fun.”

Both runners emphasize to listen to your body. If you are tired, nauseous or sick, don’t push yourself to train. The ultimate end goal is a healthy baby and to make sure you stay healthy yourself, so learn to give yourself a break when needed and be extra kind to yourself.

“If you do want to race and train while pregnant, you’ve got to give yourself a little grace. You will get slower and running will get a bit more difficult, but there’s nothing wrong with that,” Wolff concludes. “You’re still getting out there. Your body is changing in such an amazing way and it will have an effect on your running, but once that baby is born you can work toward your old training ways.”

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