Runners Unite To Avoid Crime

Caracas' exercise community is galvanizing.

Caracas’ exercise community is galvanizing.

There are thousands of causes that runners don sneakers to support. However, a recent report that showed up on the Tico Times website is about a group of like-minded exercise enthusiasts out to do something unique: stop crime.

The runners live in Caracas, Venzuela and talk about the old days when crime levels were under control.

One of them, Andrea Pereira, shakes her head when she talks about how dangerous it is now to run at night.

With 4,000 slayings last year, Caracas is now the official “murder capital” of the world. Pereira used to run at night, but not so anymore.

She now runs at night with a group, called Runners Venezuela, that has bonded together.

“My family, they were really worried because I was, you know, going alone running in the street,” said Pereira. “So I said, ‘Mom, I am going with a big group.’ She said, ‘A big group running at night, here in Caracas? You have to be kidding me.'”