Runner Suits Up And Sets A New Guinness World Record

Matt Whitaker nabbed a new Guinness World Record in Sydney this past weekend after running a marathon in a three-piece suit.

Photo: Steve Christo (via Sydney Morning Herald)

This past weekend, two Australian men woke up and dressed to the nines…for a marathon. The Sydney Running Festival saw two participants in a three-piece suit—jacket, vest and tie required—chasing down a Guinness World Record.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 25-year-old Matt Whitaker—a lawyer by day—succeeded. Although his race was eight minutes short of a PR, his time of 02:44:29 was fast enough to secure a new Guinness World Record. The previous record was set in 2013 by Joe Elliott in 02:58:03.

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According to the Herald, the rules stated that the buttons on the dress shirt, vest and jacket had to be done up to the very top throughout the entire race. Dress shoes were not required. He did a few training runs in a suit, but it didn’t fully prepare him for how he would feel on race day.

“I think the three different layers caught up with me by the end of it. I was expecting the pants to be pretty horrible, but the top half was worse in the end,” Whitaker told the paper. “I’ll see if anyone else has a crack at it. I probably won’t be doing that same one again.”

The Herald shared that the other runner who suited up was Michael Tozer who was a charity runner. Tozer previously set a half marathon world record for running in a suit at last year’s Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival Half Marathon in Sydney. In that race he beat the world record by three seconds, in 01:18:10.

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This year has been a big one for Guinness World Records in running—at the Virgin Money London Marathon in April, 40 different records were set (with 73 total registered attempts). Records included the ‘Fastest Marathon Wearing Wellington Boots’ and ‘Fastest Marathon In A Sleeping Bag.’