Want to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon? The race date isn’t until Oct. 8, 2017, but registration will be open soon.

Next year the race will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and, unlike in recent years, registration will not be held in the spring, but it will instead open this fall. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has announced that it will start accepting runner applications for the 2017 event on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at chicagomarathon.com.

“The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has a rich history that captures the spirit of a city that works and a city that runs,” executive race director Carey Pinkowski said in a release. “We look forward to honoring that history, and to commemorating an event that has had the power to change lives and unite us across borders, languages and cultures. We are a global community and a resilient community. The 40th anniversary will be a celebration of our heritage and the event’s impact on runners in Chicago and beyond.”

Registration will be conducted through a system of guaranteed entry options (starting Oct. 25) as well as through a non-guaranteed entry drawing. Individuals unable to meet the criteria for a guaranteed entry may apply through the non-guaranteed entry drawing that will open on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Runners will have until Tuesday, Nov. 29 to apply for either a guaranteed or non-guaranteed entry. The cost of an entry is $195 for U.S. residents and $220 for those residing outside of the U.S.

Five options are available for guaranteed entry into the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon:

• Time qualifiers who have run a sub-3:15:00 certified marathon (men) or a sub- 3:45:00 certified marathon (women) since January 1, 2015.

• Legacy finishers who have completed the Chicago Marathon five or more times within the last 10 years.

• Runners who deferred their 2016 entry to the 2017 race.

• Charity runners who are fundraising for an official charity as part of the Chicago Marathon Charity Program.

• International runners (non-U.S.) participating in the International Tour Group Program. Non-guaranteed entry Runners who do not qualify for a guaranteed entry can apply for the non-guaranteed entry drawing.

The event will randomly select names from the full pool of non-guaranteed entry applicants and notify runners of their selection status on Tuesday, Dec. 13.