Radcliffe Slams UK Team Selection Decision

She questions why no male 1500m runners made the squad.

She questions why no male 1500m runners made the squad.

Current women’s world-record holder in the marathon, Paula Radcliffe, isn’t pulling any punches. She recently criticized new British Athletics coach Peter Erikkson for his decision not to pick any male 1,500m runners to compete in the forthcoming European Indoor Championships in Sweden next month.

“Totally ridiculous,” Radcliffe Tweeted.

Erikkson contends that none of the male 1,500m runners currently have medal potential.

“The first page and the first sentence on the selection criteria is that we will be selecting only top-six potential,” he said. “We follow the criteria that was determined quite a while ago.”

Erikkson’s hopes are pinned on a team captained by 800m runner Jenny Meadows. He is confident Britain can take home more medals than it did in the last championships.

“I want us to do well and I think we have a team that can do really well. I am positive,” Erikkson contends.

The championships kick off on 1 March on Gothenburg, Sweden.

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