Police Arrest Jogger After He Warns Of Speed Trap

He was jailed and had to pay a $66 fine.

Jose Escobar holds up a sign he made that he is showing motorists after his arrest. Photo: News Channel 9

He was jailed and had to pay a $66 fine.

Take note runners: The next time you see a speed trap in place, don’t do anything other than run by it. According to a report on the El Paso-based News Channel 9’s Web site, a West El Paso man, who was jogging, says he was arrested for warning drivers of a police checkpoint.

The man’s name is Jose Escobar.

“I was running, jogging here and the police officer was giving tickets up there and I was advising the people to slow down and then he got mad,” he recalled.

At that point police handcuffed him, he said.

“I asked him ‘Why are you arresting me?’ And he didn’t say nothing,” Escobar said. “And I asked him to give me a ticket. And he didn’t say nothing. And just took me to jail.”

The runner spent five hours in jail and had to pay a $66 fine. His formal charge: pedestrian failing to yield right of way to a vehicle–otherwise known as jaywalking. Escobar is not happy with the incident and says the police were retaliating.

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