When he’s not working, he’s helping taking care of his children.

Despite the fact that he owns two — count them — two gold medals from the most recent Olympic Games, it’s parenting that British runner Mo Farah calls hard work.

The Somali-born Farah is the recent father of twins.

“The birth was hard, but brilliant,” he recalled. “Tougher than winning two gold medals. On the track, you know what you’re capable of, but being at the birth you have no control. It’s scary – I was so proud of Tania [his wife]. I was a helpless spectator.”

Farah recently sat down with RadioTimes.com to talk about his parenting duties. He lives and trains in Portland, Oregon under the watchful eye of former New York City and Boston Marathon champion, Alberto Salazar.

The British ace says that when he’s not training, he’s parenting.

“Since we moved to America, we’ve got into a routine. I run 70 miles a week,” he admitted. “Soon it will be 120 again. I train in the morning, come back for lunch, then go for a run again, then the gym… I’ve spent every minute with them when I’m not running. I’m involved.”

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