Over-60 World Record For 10K Topples

A retiree clocked 5:16 miles for 6.2 miles.

A retiree clocked 5:16 pace for 6.2 miles.

The BBC is reporting that Martin Rees, a 60-year-old retired steelworker from Port Talbot in Wales, is the new 10K road world-record holder for men over 60. Rees blazed the recent Cardiff 10K in 32 minutes 48 seconds.

Rees is no stranger to records.

In fact, he owns 37 marks from age 45 and up.

“The conditions were good and everything was quite right about it today,” Rees remarked afterwards. “I obviously didn’t go out with the first group but I went with the second and managed to get through that.”

Surprisingly, Rees didn’t start running until he was 37.

However, he’s training seven days a week now.

“Everybody’s got one little hidden talent and they don’t know what it is,” he contends.

Rees says his next goal is taking down his own world half-marathon record for over 60, which is 1:11:32, set in the Cardiff Half Marathon last October.

On Sunday, he said he was planning to celebrate the feat with a couple of pints.