One Man Racing For The Jackpot

He will have his shot for $2500 at the Bix 7.

He will have his shot for $2500 at the Bix 7.

From: Running USA

Officials of the Quad-City Times Bix 7 have revealed that Bob Madison of Moline, IL was selected to “Race for the Jackpot” of $2500 from Rhythm City Casino. The announcement was made here at the Quad-City Times building prior to the first Iowa American Water Bix at 6 training run.

The 38th Bix 7, a Midwest summer tradition, will be held Saturday, July 28, 2012.

Madison was chosen from all entries received prior to June 15. He will be provided a head start on the course based on his prior performances. If he beats the first elite runner back to the finish line, he receives $2500. This program began in 2004. Six of eight previous participants have successfully crossed the finish line ahead of the elite winner.

“Bix is special because it was the first road race I ever ran and of course it’s THE race in the area,” said Madison, who will be 60 when he participates in his 32nd Bix 7. “I’m usually pretty competitive in my age group. This gives me a chance to do something different and I hope win some money for a charity I’m close to.”

The Moline native was ninth in the 55-59-year-old age group last year. If he wins, he intends to donate the money to Friends of the People of Haiti – a service group he belongs to based out of Sacred Heart Church in Moline. He has made three service trips to Haiti and is planning to go again in 2013.

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