Now You Can Buy Genetic Testing Kits At The Pharmacy

This summer, select CVS Pharmacy locations began stocking genetic testing kits on their shelves.

If you live near a CVS Pharmacy you may have noticed something new on the shelves this summer: genetic testing kits. Yes, you read that right. Now offered in select locations (due to state regulations kits are not currently available in New York or Maryland) you can pick up your prescription, grab a greeting card and even leave the store with a way to find out what you’re genetically predisposed to, as well.

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In addition to the popular 23andMe® DNA Test Kit, which checks both ancestry and genetic traits, there are four new tests that have been added to their inventory, two of which will appeal specifically to runners. Besides the two DNA Diagnostics Center® HomeDNA™ Skin Care and Pathway Genomics® SkinIQ™ tests, which both focus on skin health, athletes in particular may gravitate toward two weight- and nutrition-specific tests.

The first is called the DNA Diagnostics Center® HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight, which looks at over 100 genetic markers associated with weight and nutrition. Ultimately, this test provides tailored diet and exercise recommendations with the genetic results. Second is the Pathway Genomics® FitIQ,  which can give you insight as to how your body processes sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. Based on those results, you’ll receive actionable recommendations from experts—scientists, doctors, nutritionists—for maintaining a healthy weight and overall lifestyle.

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These new tests hit shelves this past July and reinforce the ever-growing popularity of genetic tests aimed toward helping individuals make better choices toward their health and fitness. The added bonus of these tests is that you don’t have to wait for a kit to be mailed to you; you simply can pop into your local CVS Pharmacy and pick it up as you run errands. Now genetic testing is becoming even easier.