No “New Mission” For Jenny Simpson On The Track

The American champ won't be tweaking much in 2012.

The American champ won’t be tweaking much in 2012.

Jenny Simpson is happy with her 2011 season and won't be changing much in training for next year. Photo: Getty Images

It’s been three months since American Jenny Simpson won the gold medal at the World Championships in the 1500m event. And despite the length of that period, Simpson is still in awe of her race.

“I don’t know that it will ever truly sink in,” she recalls. “It was a pure sense of joy, because it was a success that came without the burden of expectation. I wasn’t the one everyone was depending on to come home with a medal. With some people, there’s a sense of relief, but for me it was just an incredible, fun experience.”

Now that the 2011 season has drawn to a close, Simpson is looking back on any lessons learned as she plans for 2012 and contends that it will be more of the same.

“There’s not a lot to change,” she said. “We did a good job, let’s keep doing that. There’s no new mission, just to be consistent, stay strong, stay healthy, and get to the starting line.”

Simpson compares her current standing on the track to her days running for the University of Colorado when then coach Mark Wetmore said she’d never be an underdog again after running a sub-4:00 1500m

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