The B.A.A. sent out its updated race-day policies to participants today. 

In an email to participants this afternoon, the Boston Athletic Association announced a new baggage policy for this year’s race, set to take place on Monday, April 21.

“No bags will be allowed on buses from Boston to Hopkinton, and bags will not be transported from Hopkinton back to Boston,” read the email. “Bags will not be allowed in certain areas at or near the start in Hopkinton, at or near the finish in Boston, or along the course.”

Runners will be given a heat retention cape, similar to those issued at last fall’s New York City Marathon, at the finish line. A gear check will be available at Boston Common the morning of the race, allowing official participants to have a change of clothing at the conclusion of the race. The B.A.A. will provide a clear bag to participants who wish to take advantage of this offering.

The email also outlined allowable race-day items for official participants:

— Fanny pack (no larger than 5 inches x 15 inches x 5 inches) to carry food, nutritional products, medicine, identification, cell phone, home/hotel key or other similar and necessary small items
— Standard manufactured “fuel belt” (bottles must be one liter or smaller)
— The use of headphones is discouraged, but permitted