Nike+ Running App Now Has Access to 30 Million Songs

Nike+ Running partners with Spotify to use music to reach your next goal race pace.

Nike+ Running has partnered with the world’s largest music streaming service Spotify, providing its users access to 30 million songs while on the run.

The app now includes “pace stations” in which users can input their pace goal and musical preferences. This data then calculates a target BPM (beats per minute) and customizes a 100-song playlist designed to push the runner’s pace.

“Since our launch as the original running app in 2006, music has always been core to the Nike+ Running experience” said Adam Roth, Nike’s VP of global running brand marketing, in a press release. “Our partnership with Spotify takes that experience to a new level, leveraging personalized music as motivational fuel every run, for every runner.”

Although there are other running apps such as RockMyRun that have already been incorporating music as a pace-setting motivator, matching BPMs to your run, the Nike+ Running app differs in that it’s not just matching songs to your steps, but also tracking mileage, GPS, pace, splits, providing expert advice and tips. It’s a full-functioning running app and music app bundled into one. Plus, the personalized pace station doesn’t simply match songs to your pace, it increases throughout your run, forcing the runner to speed it up, utilizing music as a training tool rather than a supplement to runs.

Unfortunately for Android users, the new update is iOS-exclusive for now. However, to celebrate the new partnership, Spotify is offering Nike+ users a seven-day free trial of their premium service without having to input credit card info. Individuals who choose to include their credit card will have access to the free 60-day trial.