New Rules For Joggers Around Tokyo’s Imperial Palace

The police are receiving numerous complaints from pedestrians.

The police are receiving numerous complaints from pedestrians.

New rules are going to be enforced at Tokyo's Imperial Palace grounds. Photo: Telegraph

Japan’s latest running boom is forcing organizers to rethink rules for how to exercise in the grounds surrounding Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.

A 3.1-mile, moat-lined course circles the palace.

Joggers get to take on stunning views of the cherry-tree-line grounds that include the Chidorigafuchi, the picturesque northeastern moat of the palace, as well as the National Museum of Modern Art, parliamentary buildings, and Tokyo Tower. But police have begun receiving more than 100 complaints from pedestrians about runners knocking over pedestrians. These complaints have forced organizers to hold organizational meetings to deal with the problem. Suggested remedies include ensuring runners encircle the route in a single-file counterclockwise manner. The meetings have also surfaced other “problems” such as runners listening to music while exercising.

The Palace grounds have grown in popularity since new changing room facilities were opened up recently, allowing working runners to exercise at lunch.

The Imperial Palace is the longstanding home of the country’s Emperor and Empress.

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