New Research Reveals Which U.S. City Exercises The Most

Today marked the release of the 2016 Community Rankings for Exercise, which ranked 189 cities to find out who exercises the most.

Today, Gallup and Sharecare released their 2016 Community Rankings for Exercise. Part of the part of their joint State of American Well-Being series, they ranked 189 communities across the U.S. based on answers of respondents.

The final report states: “As part of the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, U.S. adults are asked: In the last seven days, on how many days did you exercise for 30 or more minutes? The community results vary widely—the top communities have more than 65% of their population exercising regularly, while the lowest communities have rates of 45% or less.”

Colorado and California swept the results, with five Colorado communities and six California communities appearing in the top 25. On the flip side, several of the lowest exercise communities are in Ohio, which has six communities in the bottom 25.

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So which cities took top honors? Check out the gallery below and see if your city made the top five.