New Program Pairs Runners With Wheelchairs

The Push to the Finish charity is now 18 months old.

The Push to the Finish charity is now 18 months old. 

For many, running is a solitary sport that pits legs and lungs against road and trail. But for those taking part in the Push to the Finish program, the act of putting one foot in front of the other is something entirely different.

One of these runners, 37-year-old Charles Stoddard, was profiled by the Deseret News.

Push to the Finish is 18 months old and was founded by Andrew McMahon, who wants to bring joy to disabled people who might otherwise not enjoy it.

“I’ve been a runner my entire life,” McMahon says. I thought, ‘What if we could take different charities for the disabled in Utah and mix them with different running groups? It would give them the chance to experience running, and it gives runners a different running experience.’ It’s different running for someone else, which is why our motto is ‘Our legs, their hearts.’”

And so McMahon got to work. He sought out faster runners so that the people pushed could experience the the same success that elites experience.