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34 New Guinness World Records Claimed at the London Marathon

It’s been 11 years since Guinness World Records first partnered with the Virgin Money London Marathon to grant record titles to runners competing in costumes. This year, 98 hopefuls donned their best outfits to beat 90 current record titles.

A team of Guinness World Records adjudicators were on the ground verifying times of participants and confirming records for the upcoming Guinness World Records 2019 book. Sunday’s marathon was the hottest on record with a high of 75 degrees F, causing many runners to drop out prior to finishing. One contestant also collapsed following his 22.5-mile run and later died in the hospital. Prior to the race, Guinness World Records cautioned runners to put their safety first when it came to running in costumes.

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“Amongst other advice, Professor Sanjay Sharma, Medical Director of the London Marathon, has stated that runners in fancy dress should carefully consider whether that is still appropriate in the conditions, and that runners should plan to slow their race pace,” Guinness World Records said in a statement. “We ask that you please carefully consider the information that has been made available. We appreciate running for a Guinness World Records title means an awful lot to you and in many cases, your fundraising, and it means a lot to us too – but your health should be the priority.”

Even with the harsh weather conditions, 34 runners walked away with new record times on Sunday. Dressed as Forrest Gump, Rob Pope crossed the finish line in 2:36:28 and achieved the title of fastest marathon in film character costume. Pope has spent the last 18 months recreating Forrest’s run across America, completing around 40 miles a day. Tomorrow, the Guinness World Records winner will head to Arizona to complete the final leg of his Forrest Gump tour of America.

Below are a list of the winners and some of our favorite costumes.

  1. Rob Pope, Fastest marathon in film character costume (Forrest Gump) 2:36:28
  2. Matt Berry, Fastest marathon in a wedding dress(male) 2:55:52
  3. Mathieu Lavedrine, Fastest marathon dressed as a Star Wars character (male) (x-wing pilot) 3:05:27
  4. Joe Gale, Fastest marathon dressed as a love heart (male) 3:05:55
  5. David Stoneman, Fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male) 3:07:09
  6. Barnaby Hopson, Fastest marathon dressed as an insect 3:14:24
  7. Terry Midgely, Fastest marathon dressed in a rugby kit (male) 3:20:16
  8. Oliver Hill, Fastest marathon dressed as a whoopee cushion 3:20:39
  9. Michael Odell & Guy Dunscombe, Fastest marathon in a two-person costume (horse and jockey) 3:25:17
  10. Carly Furnell, Fastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader (female) 3:27:14
  11. James Caldon, Fastest marathon dressed as a tennis player (male) 3:28:48
  12. Rebecca Cesar de Sa, Fastest marathon dressed as a lifeguard (female) 3:31:06
  13. Amy Shadbolt, Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable (carrot) 3:32:50
  14. Alex Morales, Fastest marathon dressed as a stationery item 3:33:13
  15. Paul Underwood, Fastest marathon dressed as a monarch 3:39:10
  16. Charlotte Österman, Fastest marathon dressed as a zombie (female) 3:39:25
  17. Jonathan Carter, Fastest marathon dressed as a hospital patient 3:40:38
  18. Edward Low, Fastest marathon dressed as a padlock (male) 3:51:18
  19. Tim Perkins, Fastest marathon dressed as a tree (male) 3:52:35
  20. Stacey Harper, Fastest marathon dressed as Elvis (female) 3:53:56
  21. George Rutherford-Jones, Fastest marathon dressed as a landmark (male) 3:54:43
  22. Marta Kiermacz-Abramek, Fastest marathon in a suit (female) 3:57:57
  23. Bethan Roberts, Fastest marathon dressed as a dragon (female) 3:58:53
  24. Louise Andrews & Neil Sheward, Fastest marathon three-legged (mixed) 3:59:56
  25. David Smith, Fastest marathon dressed in motorcycle leathers 4:00:11
  26. Fiona Betts, Fastest marathon dressed in a full body animal costume 4:13:25
  27. Victoria Bell, Fastest marathon dressed as an emoji (poo) 4:18:06
  28. Julie Greenwood, Fastest marathon dressed as a fairy tale character 4:24:07
  29. Bob Johnson, Fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional toy 4:59:30
  30. Owen Willis, Fastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional plant (male) 4:59:39
  31. Richard Gray, Fastest marathon carrying a household appliance (white goods) 5:49:37
  32. Colin Haylock, Fastest marathon wearing ski boots 5:52:16
  33. Megan Walker, Ceyhun Uzun, Andrew Sharpe, Holly Bishop, Frederick Holland & Richard Scantlebury, Fastest marathon in a six-person costume 6:20:48
  34. Michelle Frost, Fastest marathon on stilts 6:37:38

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belle Photos Credit: Guinness World Records