Move Over Marathon, It’s The Half People Like

For many, 13.1 miles seems much more attainable.

Over a million people ran the half marathon last year. Photo:

For many, 13.1 miles seems much more attainable.

With much attention going towards the upcoming fall marathons, one thing may be overlooked: More and more runners are taking on half the distance. Just last year, nearly 1.4 million people tried out the half marathon.

One runner who prefers the half  is Christie Bruner, Baby Boot Camp St. Petersburg franchise owner and IRunMommies club coach. “I personally would not want to run any longer than 13.1,” she says. “It gets you to the point of challenging your body and pushing the limits while still being attainable by a wide population of the public.”

Joette Gdovin Bergeson of RunVie Racing, a USA Track Certified coach, says the half marathon is appealing, because, “you can be any shape — as long as you are willing to work hard and follow a training schedule set to your level.”

For first-timers thinking about trying out a half, a good idea might be getting a physical first. And don’t have unrealstic expectations.

“If you are just getting off the couch, your time goal will be much different than if you have been working out for a year,” says Bergeson.

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