Video: Finishing 26.2 Miles in Slow Motion

The marathon looked at differently—in extreme slow motion.

The marathon looked at differently—in extreme slow motion.

The most important, inspiring and fleeting moment of any race is the finish line. Whether you finish first, dead last or somewhere in the middle of the pack, it just feels good to complete a race.  This is essentially what photographer and videographer Ben Garvin hoped to capture when he filmed the Twin Cities Marathon finish line in slow motion this past October.

“There’s a certain inhuman quality to it,” Garvin says on his blog about how he filmed the piece. “Running 26 miles is crazy! My hope was to create a piece that allowed for the sort of reverence and awe I feel when I watch people flood across the finish line.”

As runners, we prefer fast finishes—it’s what makes the sport of running exciting. However, Garvin’s video certainly depicts speed in a much slower fashion that is raw, dramatic and at times a bit surreal like watching a dream unfold in real time. According to his blog, the video was shot at 720 frames-per-second on a high speed Fastec TS3. American middle distance runner and 2004 Olympian, Carrie Tollefson is even briefly caught on film.

Watch closely and you’ll see details at a marathon you’ve never noticed before.