Mo Farah Determined To Turn Silver Into Gold

He hopes to heal in time for the 5000m final this Sunday.

He hopes to heal in time for the 5000m final this Sunday.

If his blisters heal in time, Mo Farah may be going for the 5000m gold medal at the World Championships. Photo: AP

Most runners would settle for second place in the World Championships, but not Mo Farah. The Somali-born British citizen is hungry for gold. At this weekend’s men’s 10,000m final, Farah was outkicked in the home stretch by Ethiopia’s Ibrahim Jeilan.

Up until that point, Farah was confident that he would win the race. “I looked up at the screen, saw that there was enough of a gap there and just thought ‘hold it, hold it’,” he recalled. But Jeilan, with an incredible closing kick, got the better of him and now Farah is setting his sights for the 5,000m event, which is this Sunday.

Farah said that he has blisters on his feet and that his participation in the 5,000m depends on whether they heal in time.

“I just need to see the medical team, get in an ice bath and eat well,” he said. “I would like to run but it’s not my decision. It’s up to my coach. He will make a final decision in a couple of days’ time.”

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