Middle-School Runner Tackles 100-Miler

He finished the race in under 24 hours.

 He finished the race in under 24 hours.

The San Jose Mercury News has an impressive piece about 13-year-old Miguel Vivaldo.

The eighth grader completed the Run-de-Vous, a 100-mile race over the weekend. His time was beyond impressive: 23 hours, 48 minutes, and 21 seconds, which may make Vivaldo the youngest person ever to go under 24 hours for 100 miles.

Run-de-Vous race director Rajeev Patel says that Vivaldo covered the last two miles in 18 minutes.

Vivaldo showed up to school after the race in a wheelchair. He said he’d fallen in the shower.

“I fooled most of my friends and even Teresa, too,” he said, referring to Sunrise Middle School director Teresa Robinson.

“I really felt terrible when he rolled into school,” Robinson said. “But then he finally smiled.”

Of the 30 finishers in the race, Vivaldo was 11th overall.

“He just executed his strategy perfectly,” admitted Kermit Cuff, Vivaldo’s coach. “He didn’t make any mistakes. I don’t know how he does this. It’s like he has been doing this for years and years.”