Marathoner Lands In Guinness Book Of World Records

The California resident broke an eight-year-old record.

The California resident broke an eight-year-old record.

Fifty-two-year-old Yolanda Holder from Corona, California is the most recent entrant in the famed Guinness Book of World Records. According to the Los Angeles Times, Holder completed the most marathons in one year. The total number of marathons, 101, was one more marathon than the old record, which had been set by an Italian runner eight years ago. Holder indicates that she spent $25,000 on travel in order to complete all the marathons.

“I package the marathons very tightly,” she said. “The logistics of getting to all of them is harder than doing the 26.2 miles. This year I traveled all over the country to compete.”

According to Holder, her husband, and engineer accompanied her on some of her races.

“He goes to the bigger ones or to ones that are in cities he hasn’t visited in a long time,” she said. Holder’s favorite marathon was close to her home: the Long Beach Marathon.

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