Despite his supposed disability, he enjoyed running in Disney races.

A recent Fox undercover investigation has exposed a runner of fraud. John Cloutier, a corrections officer in Massachusetts, pleaded guilty in a Suffolk Superior Court on Wednesday of worker’s compensation fraud.

Last May, the news organization discovered that Cloutier had been running marathons and half marathons while he was out of work due to injury.

The corrections officer had said he was so hurt, he required a tax-free paycheck for the rest of his life. When appearing before a judge on Wednesday, Cloutier admitted that he had run the Disneyworld marathon and half marathon in 2009 as well as a half marathon at Disneyland that same year.

Prosecutor David Andrews had this to say about the defendant: ““From the date of his injury in July of 2008 through 2009 the defendant never disclosed to the Department of Correction or any of his treating medical providers that he ran in any of these races, trained for such races, or engaged in any type of strenuous exercise.”

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