World Marathon Majors Rolls Out Tougher Doping Penalties

The running community applauds these efforts.

The running community applauds these efforts.

If you’re a doper and want to score in the World Marathon Majors Series (WMM), your life just got a little bit harder.

According to a report posted on Running USA, the organizers of the  Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City Marathons have banded together to revise elite contracts that will increase penalties for dopers.

Specifically, new provisions will include the right for events to suspend payment and to demand repayment of prize money as well as various appearance fees.

In so doing, the WMM is trying to become a leader in the anti-doping movement.

“This is a great initiative and a very positive and strong move by the World Marathon Majors, which is once again leading the field by example,” said Paula Radcliffe, the current world-record holder in the women’s marathon. “I would love to see all major events follow its lead. The cheats need to understand that they are not welcome in our sport and will be caught and made to pay.”

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