Ultra Runner Training In Central Park For “Pole-to-Pole”

It's an 11,000-mile journey to benefit the Red Cross.

It’s an 11,000-mile journey to benefit the Red Cross.

It’s a given that the “Big Apple” has had a brutal winter thus far, but is New York City’s Central Park an optimal place to train for a race that starts at the North Pole and ends at the South Pole?

Apparently so according to Pat Farmer. The 48-year-old Australian ultra marathoner has been training there to prepare for this feat–an 11,000-mile run that will take him 11 months to complete.

Farmer is setting out on this journey to raise $100 million for Red Cross water relief programs in third-world countries.

“The first week it was tough adapting, but that’s what I needed to do,” Farmer said of his Central Park training. “It’s the harsh reality of what I’m up for.”

He begins his journey on April 2 when he and his support crew are air lifted to the North Pole. He expects to cover approximately two marathons–52 miles–daily.

“You’re just a machine and you do the same thing day after day,” he said.“You have to treat yourself like a machine, not like a human.”

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