Lydiard Marathon Founder Crippled In Tragic Accident

He had created the race to honor the legendary New Zealand running coach.

Lydiard Marathon founder Ian Winson was injured in a terrible accident over the weekend. Photo: NZ Herald

He had created the race to honor the legendary New Zealand running coach.

Some tragic news out of Auckland, New Zealand last weekend:  Ian Winson, the founder of the Lydiard Legend Marathon in 2005, was critically injured in a deadly water main explosion.

The gas explosion tore through a tunnel that Winson, a network engineer, and colleague Philomen Gulland were inspecting. Winson lost parts of both legs, while Gulland, a mother of two, was killed.

Winson remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Winson had created the marathon back in 2005 to honor legendary New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard. The race follows along the Waitakere Ranges, the mountains that Lydiard used to train his runners, which included Olympic gold medalist and middle-distance specialist Peter Snell.

Winson was born in Zimbabwe and previously noted that the marathon ” ha[d] given me a purpose and a sense of belonging in New Zealand.”

The 47-year-old founder said he established the race so that Lydiard and his famous course would not be forgotten. The race is considered one of the toughest road marathons in New Zealand.

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