London’s “Eye-Popping” Ticket Prices

Some events may be practically impossible to attend.

Some events may be practically impossible to attend.

The 2012 London Olympics may turn out to be the most expensive Olympics ever for spectators. According to an article in The Australian, choice opening ceremony seats will cost over $3000, while it may be practically impossible to attend the swimming finals held in a 17,500-seat stadium.

The price to see the men’s basketball gold-medal final:$680 if you’re a British fan. If you’re a foreigner, then good luck.

There will be an initial allocation of tickets to offical sellers in each country. However, more tickets will be made available closer to the games, which start on July 27 of next year.

Countries such as Australia have, in the past, swapped tickets for less-popular sports such as fencing and ping pong with other countries that have a stronger presence in those events.

Worldwide, 2.2 million people have expressed interest in attending the games.

In related news, the Olympic schedule was announced yesterday. The track and field events begin on August 3.

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