London Olympics Schedule Announced

Track and field begins on August 3.

Track and field begins on August 3.

On Tuesday, organizers published the schedule of events for 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The Olympics will run from July 27 to August 12, with 19 days of competition. There will be 302 medals up for grabs in 26 sports. With a total of 631 sessions scheduled, London will be larger than the 2008 Olympics in Beijing by 62 sessions.

“This is a really big moment, a huge moment,” announced the head of the games’ organizing committee, Sebastian Coe.  “In this project, every day you get closer, every day it becomes more of a living creature. In my own experience as a competitor, this is the point that it suddenly becomes very real.”

In one month, the first batch of 8.8 million tickets for the Olympics will go on sale. According to an article in The Washington Post, the cheapest ticket will be approximately $32, while the best seats for the much-anticipated 100m final will go for over $1100. Nearly 2.2 million people have expressed interest in purchasing tickets.

“This is the greatest show on earth and these will be the greatest tickets on earth,” said Coe.

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