He wears a shirt and hands out cards on the run.

One savvy runner is taking his workout to a new level.

A British Web site, News Shopper, reports that unemployed London resident Liam Morriss is currently trying to find a job by jogging.

“I’m a graduate, I’m unemployed and I’m jogging for jobs,” reads his shirt.

He started this routine on March 1.

“I’m going to do this every day for as long as it takes,” he says. “It gets quite tiring. I’m looking for something new and I’m open to suggestions.”

The 24-year-old man has a degree in music industry management, but is willing to go into a new career.

“Looking for jobs online was really tedious,” he admitted. “You apply for so many and rarely hear back. It’s a bit disheartening so I thought I would rather try something else and get out there.”

Morriss has been unemployed since January 31. Along with wearing his shirt, he hands out business cards while on the run.

You can follow Morriss’ progress on Twitter @Liammorriss #Jogging4Jobs

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