Khannouchi Splitting With His Wife

Despite the divorce, the two will still maintain a coaching relationship.

Despite the divorce, the two will still maintain a coaching relationship. 

Former marathon world-record holder Khalid Khannouchi and his wife, Sandra, are parting ways as a married couple. According to a press release posted on the Web site, Races Like a Girl, the two will still remain a relationship as coach and athlete. Sandra has been coaching the Moroccan-turned-American runner for the past 16 years. They met at a road race and have been married for 14 years.

Under his wife’s guidance, Khalid ran the still-standing American marathon record as well as four Chicago Marathon wins.

“No one can coach me better than Sandra can,” said Khalid. “So it makes sense that if I want to finish out my career on a high note, she is the person I should work with to get there.” He has been coping with persistent injury since placing fourth at the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials in New York City.

It was announced that Sandra will keep her last name for professional reasons.

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