He set a PR in Tokyo thanks to practicing a new dance craze.

“Curvy dancing” is all the rage in Japan these days. The hip-swinging routine now has a new fan: Japanese Olympic-bound marathoner Arata Fujiwara.

According to a report posted on the Reuters Web site, the 30-year-old runner says visiting a dance studio run by instructor and founder of the hip-dancing movement in Japan, Hiromi Kashiki, before the Tokyo Marathon last month helped him qualify for the Japanese Olympic team.

“Up till now I’ve been really bad at using my hips effectively. After I got some lessons from Kashiki and her curvy dancing my running style dramatically improved.”

Fujiwara ran a personal best in Tokyo of two hours seven minutes, and 48 seconds.His qualification was a redemption of sorts as he had quit a marathon team that was financed by Japan Rail.

He was forced to rely on donated shoes and trained in a Tokyo Park.

“I don’t have any cash but people have helped me out in all sorts of ways, so I’ve been able to get by,” he said.

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