Is Yusuf Kamel Capable Of Defending His 1500m Gold?

He's only competed in one race this season.

Yusuf Kamel has been mostly absent from competition this season. Photo:

He’s only competed in one race this season.

Yusuf Saad Kamel has a tough field to contend with in the 1500m event at this year’s World Championships. Kamel, who competes for Bahrain, is the 2009 champion, but this season he has been mostly dormant, having only competed in one international event.

“Yusuf has been working hard in his training camp over the past few weeks, but we are still not sure if he will be ready to defend his 1,500m title,” said Lounes Madene, the technical manager for the Bahrain Athletics Association.

“He has not competed at all this year except for one event in Brazil, and there we saw that he was not fit at the level needed for Daegu,” Madene added. “However, he promised to work extra hard in his camp so he can also race the 1,500m, and his coach says that he has progressed very nicely, so we shall see.”

Kamel is one of two athletes from Bahrain who won gold in the 2009 World Championships, which were held in Berlin.

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