Incredible Story Of Marathoner Brought Back To Life

He was lucky to be at a race when he suffered his heart attack.

He was lucky to be at a race when he suffered his heart attack.

Bob Pohl (center) is alive thanks to the efforts of numerous medical professional and volunteers. Photo: Baltimore Sun

It’s not a cliche to state that every second counts when it comes to CPR. This was the case on October 15 at the Baltimore Half Marathon when veteran runner Bob Pohl collapsed 200 feet from the finish line. The 55-year-old from Marriottsville, Maryland had a blockage in a main artery. His blood stopped flowing and his heart stopped pumping.

He was essentially dead.

Lucky for Pohl, a group of highly trained professionals were nearby. This group was comprised of a Baltimore police officer, a Columbia chiropractor, some Howard County paramedic trainees, a Union Memorial Hospital doctor and other medical professionals.

The group got to work on Pohl, administering emergency CPR and a shock to the chest.

Pohl survived, though he didn’t open his eyes for days.

“He went from dead to alive in a matter of minutes,” said Dr. Cynthia Webb, chief of Union Memorial’s emergency room. The day of the race, Webb was coordinating medical care for the event. “He was really lucky, not that it happened but where it happened,” Webb said. “He could have been alone┬árunning in his neighborhood or home watching TV. It couldn’t have been in a better place.”

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