“In-Your-Face” Interval Training

The treadmill can actually be your friend.

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The treadmill can actually be your friend.

When people are given the option of running outside or running on a treadmill, the majority of them select the former. It’s no surprise that long runs on treadmills can be tedious and boring. However, Los Angeles Times special correspondent James Fell recently wrote a column explaining a way to get a decent workout on a treadmill. It’s called high intensity interval training (or HITT). Fell writes that he’s doing HITT to try and break the 40-minute mark in the 10K.

“One benefit of a treadmill is that it makes it easy to track the speed changes inherent in HIIT,” he writes.

Strangely, James Fell consulted a senior lecturer who coordinates the Exercise Science Program at the University of Tasmania.who happens to go by the same name. Fell (the senior lecturer from Tasmania) states that “high-intensity interval training does improve endurance performance. There are many studies to confirm this ranging from the relatively untrained up to highly trained athletes.”

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