How to Watch the 100 Mile Treadmill World Record Attempt this Saturday

American ultrarunner Zach Bitter will attempt to run the fastest 100 miles ever run on a treadmill this weekend. 

As race after race is canceled this spring, we’re all starved for some live running event to get our blood pumping. Finally, a small reprieve has presented itself. This weekend there will be a world record attempt. 

On Saturday, May 16, the American ultrarunning extraordinaire Zach Bitter will capitalize on his lockdown time by attempting to break the World Record for fastest 100 miles ever run on a treadmill. The current record is held by Dave Proctor, who covered the virtual distance in 12 hours and 32 minutes last year.

Bitter is the current World Record holder for fastest 100 miles run on land, a feat he accomplished nine months ago in 11 hours and 19 minutes, shattering the previous record by almost 10 minutes. He’s also the World Record holder for the furtherest distance covered in 12 hours, covering 104.8 miles.

To break Proctor’s 100-mile treadmill record, Bitter will need to run at a pace under 7:30 per mile. Bitter will be running on a NordicTrack X22i treadmill at his home in Phoenix, Ariz. 

How to Watch

Bitter’s World Record attempt will be broadcasted live on YouTube here between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST. It will include ultra-endurance athletes and commentators hosting a daylong show with legends like ultrarunner Dean Karanazes and Ironman champion Dave Scott. Additionally, ultrarunning YouTubers and podcasters such as Eric Schranz, Jamil Coury, and Ian Corless will host the show with additional guest hosts. (Check out the full schedule below for the details.) 

More exciting yet, this will be a participatory experience with 250 spots reserved for runners around the world to “Run with Zach” via Zoom connections into the YouTube LIVE stream.