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The Best Halloween Costumes For Your Next October Race

Now that it's October, you may be thinking about costumes for your Halloween themed race.

It’s October so that means it is getting close to Halloween! This time of year is perfect for running not just because of the amazing temperatures. We can can eat copious amounts of tiny candy bars and think about our costumes if we plan to run a Halloween road race.

When picking a typical Halloween costume, your options are limited only by your creativity. But with a race costume, you’re limited by the need to run for miles.

What Not To Wear

Since you’re costuming yourself to run, there are a few things to eliminate right away.

Face paint: Unless you’re trying to dress like a melted version of whatever character you’re portraying.

Masks: Unless running is so easy for you, and you want the challenge of exercise with a blocked airway. Besides, most races don’t allow masks.

Bulky and constricting costumes: Unless you want to run without swinging your arms or fully pumping your legs. Save the mermaid costume or the moving box painted like a die for your Halloween parties.

Costume Ideas

The best costumes come from taking your normal running gear and spicing it up a bit. Here are some options.

Smurf: Wear a blue shirt and white pants or shorts. You can create a simple version of the signature Smurf hat with a white shirt sleeve. If you have sewing skills, you could create a more true-to-cartoon version.

Brainy Smurf: Same as above with glasses.

Smurfette: Make the same hat, and place it on your blonde hair. Blue leggings or a long sleeve shirt will give you the blue skin. Then, wear a white tank top, a running skirt or sundress.

Papa Smurf: This works best if you have a white beard. However, you can wear a possibly uncomfortable fake one. Then just wear a blue shirt and swap out the white garb, for red.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This one is especially easy if you already have a TMNT shirt. A simple green running shirt will also do just fine. Wear a green outfit, and then accessorize with the color of your turtle of choice. Red for Raphael, orange for Michaelangelo, purple for Donatello and blue for Leonardo. Cut strips of a lightweight, colored fabric for your head, arms and legs. For your shell, you can go through various levels of craftiness. The easy option is to go with a drawstring backpack, affixed with a cardboard oval. Spray paint the oval green and draw the shell pattern once it dries.

Pool balls: This is another good group or solo option. If you’re alone, the eight ball is probably the way to go. Wear all black and cut out a white circle (cloth or paper) with an eight on it. Pin the circle to your chest like your race bib and you’re instantly an eight ball. For a group, you can be the solid pool balls.

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