Gebrselassie’s Suggestion To Distance Runners

The Ethiopian champion says patience is key.

The Ethiopian champion says patience is key.

He’s a former world-record holder in the marathon, so Haile Gebrselassie should be listened to when it comes to distance running.

In a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper, Gebrselassie says the secret to his success isn’t that surprising.

“In long distance, you have to learn to be patient,” he said. “You don’t need to start very fast. But training is the most important thing.”

In the same interview, Gebrelassie says athletes need three things to succeed:  commitment, discipline, and hard work.

“Without that it’s hard to keep running for a long time,” he admits.

The 40-year-old continues to race and will be competing at the Bupa Great Manchester Run on May 26 in England.

He says as he’s gotten older he doesn’t do speedwork, and instead focuses on longer runs. “When you do speedwork at this age it’s easy to get injured,” he says.

Of all the incredible races that he’s competed at and won in, Gebrselassie admits that he looks back favorable on one in particular: the 2000 Olympic final in Sydney where he beat Paul Tergat at the finish.

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