Gebrselassie Shares The Secrets Of His Success

He prescribes three basic principles.

Haile Gebrselassie prescribes three basic principles of success. Photo:

He prescribes three basic principles.

Even though he’s not running the marathon this weekend, Haile Gebrselassie is still getting press about the event. After all, he is still the world-record holder of the marathon. What are the secrets of his successful running career–a career that has spanned two decades?

He recently sat down with CNN and shed some light on the subject.

Gebrselassie credits his achievements on three basic principles: commitment, discipline, and hard work.

“For me, they are the three most important things you have to do if you want to achieve, in anything,” he admits. Even though Gebrselassie is one of he richest people in Ethiopia, he says not to run solely for money. “It’s not about the money,” he said. “It’s about being better, being number one, to strive, to always be better. Money comes after. If you’re planning only to make money and nothing else, you’ll be broke.”

Gebrselassie also admits that when he races, he doesn’t compete against others, but against himself. “I don’t think about if I have to be number one, two or three. I don’t think I have to win the race, what I’m thinking about is that I have to run faster.”

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