Fellow Runner Saves Man During Lincoln Half Marathon

The victim was running in front of a cardiologist.

The victim was running in front of a cardiologist.

Wallace Boever, 60 years old, is alive and well thanks to a fellow runner. Boever was taking part in last weekend’s Lincoln Half Marathon in Nebraska when he collapsed with a heart attack about 10 miles into the race. He was no stranger to running, having logged numerous marathons in his career. Boever now remembers that he stopped running, but can’t recall that he actually collapsed.

Lucky for him, a cardiologist was right behind him in the race. He immediately started CPR. The cardiologist was joined by other doctors, one who knew Boever: Neil Mollard. “[I] hardly know anybody in this town, and the one person I stop to help is Wally Boever. I mean that’s not a coincidence,” Mollard said. Ironically, Boever had helped Mollard go into medicine 14 years ago.

Boever calls it divine intervention. After a several hours, doctors placed a stint into Boever’s artery, clearing the deadly blockage.

He checked out of the hospital on Wednesday. He says he’s not giving up running, but admits he will have a friend by his side in his next race.

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