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Famous & Fast: 33 Celebs and Notables Names Who Have Run a Marathon 3:30 Or Faster

These celebrities don't just run. They run fast.

When it comes to running 26.2 miles, celebrities and notable personalities are just like the rest of us. They have to train to get to the finish line, especially to run a fast time. Here are 33 notable personalities who have run a marathon faster than 3:30. 

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Oz Pearlman, mentalist and magician, 2:23:52, 2014, Philadelphia Marathon

Daniel Atienza, former pro cyclist, 2:29:27, 2013 Zurich Marathon

Matthew Parris, former member of British Parliment, 2:32:57, 1985, London Marathon

Wolfgang Ketterle, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, 2:44:06, 2014, Boston Marathon

Lance Armstrong, former pro cyclist, 2:46:43, 2007 New York City Marathon

James Cracknell, Olympic rower, 2:50:43, 2015, London Marathon

David Petraeus, former CIA Director, 2:50:53, 1982, Omaha Marathon

Jenson Button, Formula One driver, 2:52:30, 2015, London Marathon

Nell McAndrew, model, 2:54:39, 2012, London Marathon

Erich Segal, writer, 2:56:30, 1964, Boston Marathon

Mikuláš Dzurinda, former prime minister of Slovakia, 2:54:57, 1986, Malokarpatsky Marathon

Guido van der Werve, Dutch artist/filmmaker, 2:57:06, 2013 Berlin Marathon

Stuart Murdoch, musician (Belle & Sebastian), 2:57:08, 1986 Glasgow Marathon

Benjamin Cheever, writer, 2:58:35, 1981, New York City Marathon

John Keston, actor, 3:00:58, 1996 Twin Cities Marathon

Max Baucus, former U.S. Senator, 3:01:18, 1982 Governor’s Cup Marathon

Johnny Lee Miller, actor, 3:01:40, 2013, New York City Marathon

Dana Carvey, actor/comedian, 3:04:21, 1972, Ocean to Bay Marathon

Peter Sagal, radio personality, 3:09:25, 2011, Philadelphia Marathon

Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 3:11:00, 1980 Marine Corps Marathon

Ed Viesturs, mountain climber, 3:15:18, 2006, New York City Marathon

Harry Reid, U.S. Senator, 3:16.0, 1972, Boston Marathon

Andy Baldwin, reality TV personality, 3:17:31, 2011, New York City Marathon

Ryan Sutter, reality TV personality, 3:17:56, 2011, New York City Marathon

Bryan Cranston, actor, 3:20:45, 1985, New York City Marathon

Bjorn Ulvaeus, musician (ABBA), 3:23:54, 1980, Stockholm Marathon

Mike Malinin, musician (Goo Goo Dolls), 3:23:56, 2000, San Francisco Marathon

Billy Baldwin, actor, 3:24:29, 1992, New York City Marathon

Apolo Ohno, Olympic speedskater, 3:25:12, 2011, New York City Marathon

Caroline Wozniacki, professional tennis player, 3:26:23, 2014 New York City Marathon

Anna Kooiman, TV news personality, 3:27:22, 2008, Glass City Marathon

Kimiko Date-Krumm, former professional tennis player, 3:27:47, 2004, London Marathon

Tom Cavanagh, actor, 3:29:31, 2006, New York City Marathon

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