Family Of Eight Running Across North America

They are doing it to raise money for children's fitness programs.

The Chicoine family will be crossing North America to promote healthy living. Photo: Northern Living

They are doing it to raise money for children’s fitness programs.

Ed and Gaye Chicoine are on a mission. With their six children, the Canadian couple is running across North America to inspire Canadians and Americans to live healthier lives. They are also doing it to raise money for children’s fitness.

As they move across the continent, the Chicoine family is visiting local communities in order to inspire people to change their lifestyles for the better. Their ultimate goal is to raise $5 million for organizations that promote healthy values in children–organizations such as KidSport Canada, Right to Play and Get America Fit.

“These organizations are focused on improving kids health and fitness around the world,” the family writes on their Facebook page. “We believe every child should be given the chance to live a healthy and happy life right from the beginning.”

Ed has wanted to across across the continent for 30 years. He was inspired by Terry Fox’s famous trek in 1980 to raise money for cancer research.

“I thought way back then it would be cool,” he said. “Thirty-one years later, I thought, if I’m going to run across Canada, it’s time for me to do it now.”

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