Ethiopian Show Of Force Expected In Dubai

Yemane Tsegay is expected to do great things there.

Yemane Tsegay is expected to do great things there.

In the past, Ethiopia has dominated the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. This year’s edition should be no different.

Yemane Tsegay, who hails from that East African nation, heads to a super-fast course in the hopes of cashing in on a hefty race. However, last year, Tsegay struggled in Dubai clocking “only” a 2:06: 27 –a time that would have been a world record more than 10 years ago, a time that got him a disappointing 10th.

However, three months later, Tsegay redeemed himself with a win at the Rotterdam Marathon. His time there was a personal best, 2:04:48, and better than top-class Kenyan Moses Mosop’s who was racing him.

“It’s not really the opponents in the marathon,” Tsegay says. “It’s the marathon itself, the distance that’s the problem. I ran well here last year, but so did everyone else. I put that right in Rotterdam, and ran fast. But I think this is a faster course, and I’m in better shape.”

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